Managed IT Services

Benefit From Protection Against Lost Time & Money.

You can now benefit from our highly specialised and managed IT services team, backed up with over 16 years of professional expertise. We understand that a fully functional and highly supported IT infrastructure is essential to your business, and IT failures will cost you time and money.

Benefits at a glance

• Business-defined, mission-critical data back ups
• Firewall checks and security management
• Antivirus software patched regularly and kept up to date, as soon as releases are made available
• Servers optimised to have longer uptime and less disruption to employees
• Event logs are managed and monitored for critical issues, so action can be taken for any potential problems and they can be dealt with accordingly

our managed it services include:

Comprehensive IT Support
24/7 proactive support
Managed online backup and restore policy
Power On and Do Your Work! Let Us Worry About the Rest.

Contrary to popular opinion, not everyone that relies on a computer to do his or her job is required to be an IT expert. However, we can’t stress enough the importance of having a flawless IT infrastructure for your business. This is the main reason why we have developed our wide range of IT-related services - to help you, support you, and to protect your business..

Get a solution that will actually fit your needs

We work very closely with our clients. We learn and understand all the requirements for each specific business, and we are in constant communication with you to ensure we are delivering the services you really need.

Don’t Wait Until You Have a Problem!

Your IT systems must be monitored and “serviced” regularly, so that any risk is reduced and problems are dealt with before they can impact on your business. At ONIT Solutions, we are proud of our fully managed IT services, and we strive to deliver excellent service to all of our clients.

Feel Supported & In Control.

We provide regularly updated reports, face-to-face service management, and support ticket tracking, so our clients always know exactly what we are doing for them, and perhaps even more importantly, why we are doing it..

We like to ensure our clients always feel comfortable communicating with us, and we look forward to making long lasting business relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. Each member of our team is always professional, friendly and happy to help you!

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